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by Sanjeev

Posted on 2022-07-11 17:57:31

Household cleaning and maintenance is not only tiring but also time-consuming. You cannot keep on postponing this activity or leave your home untidy. Keeping the home clean and well-maintained is significant for health and the overall home environment but also leaves a good impression on guests. 


Working people find it complicated to take a few days off for home maintenance chores. A better alternative is to hire a Home Maintenance Services in Dubai or an expert in maintenance jobs. 

Maintenance companies in Dubai, such as Infiway, have experienced and well-trained staff equipped with the latest gadgets and cleaning products that ensure efficient and effective cleaning of big houses, residential apartments, and offices. 

Before hiring a professional maintenance company in Dubai, you must check out a few things. 

Check with referrals Companies with many clients may not be the best, but they can be relied upon. Checking out with friends, relatives, neighbors, and office colleagues can provide good leads. You can also check with newspapers, magazines or on the internet. You will end up with many choices. 

#1 Set up a meeting

One should never settle for the first company that you come across. Ideally, interview as many as you can select the three best quotations for final selection. The scope of work, cost estimates, and other teams are compared from which the best one is selected. 

#2 Packages/ Offers

Almost all reputed Maintenance Services in Dubai offer exciting packages and offers. One can look at their annual maintenance contract (AMC), which works out to be cheaper and provides hassle-free services. 

#3 Professionalism 

Professional maintenance companies will offer better services than others. They will have a website, business cards, brochures, catalogs, and flyers showcasing their services. A visit to their office will give an understanding of their professionalism. Their staff will have the proper uniform, licenses will be valid, and the latest equipment and products can be seen. 

#4 Equipment 

A professional maintenance company will use quality cleaning products so that they do not damage the homes and office interiors. Also, the equipment used is the latest and in fine working condition. There is no point in paying maintenance fees when the proper equipment is not used for maintenance jobs. 

#5 Customer Service 

Many people consider customer service the main criteria for choosing a maintenance company in Dubai. They trust that before signing the agreement, the customer service has to be excellent as this will lay the ground for other job works. The best way to check customer reviews is on the website or Google of the concerned Maintenance and Repair Services in Dubai. Another ay would be to enquire on the phone about their services and the response from the company will indicate their customer service. 

#6 Insurance / permits / licenses 

Employing a maintenance company with valid permits and licenses is recommended to carry out maintenance work in Dubai. They should also possess insurance that protects the customer and the company's staff on the field. If any damages to the property or appliances happen during the job or if any worker meets with an accident, the insurance cover should take care of them. 

#7 Cost

Finally, you must consider the cost estimate. Cost becomes a critical factor if maintenance work is for a large property, villa, or commercial office. Every client has a budget. So, a Maintenance Company in Dubai offering the best prices without compromising quality should be selected. 


Every household and commercial office regularly comes across electrical breakdowns, plumbing issues, and handymen jobs. One can avoid these regular hassles by hiring a certified maintenance company like Infiway Contracting LLC, well-known in Dubai for its complete maintenance services.