AC coil cleaning in dubai

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Posted on 2019-12-24 02:48:42


AC coil cleaning in Dubai:

Have you recently noticed that your AC is not working properly? Could be an air flow problem where you’re sensing the air pressure is not the same. You may be worried about other issues like the cooling temperature, your bedroom does not seem to cool down enough to help you with that heatwave. You tried keeping your AC on all day long but it’s still to no use.

Before you start contemplating about buying a new AC, just answer these following questions:
-Are you cleaning your heating pump system?
-Is it a regular cleaning ritual/check-up? 
-Is your AC regularly maintained?
If you answered “No” to any of these questions, this means you need to start thinking about ac repair and maintenance solutions and most specifically coil cleaning.  


✔️ Weird cooling            ✔️Reduced/Low Airflow         ✔️Reduced performance         ✔️Water leaks              ✔️Frozen coils


This kind of cleaning process is usually preferred to be done by professionals as they have the correct tools and equipment for this job. But if for any reason you are not able to bring or hire these home maintenance services in dubai and need to do the cleaning by yourself then keep on reading: 


What is this AC coil and coil cleaning service?

The AC has many components and each component has different tasks and work action. This particular unit is responsible for absorbing the heat from the air flowing inside which is later on transformed into cold air.
The cleaning process includes removing all dirt and dust that is stuck on it to improve the process of air and heat absorption. If you’re living in the UAE, this is even a more crucial thing to keep track of because of the sandy and high humid weather. The coils are more prone to have sand particles stuck to them which creates more damages for the long run.

portrait of a coil clean expert

What are the materials that will be used by Infiway?

For the cleaning solutions, you can either buy some of the commercially available coil cleaning products that are available in the market or you can simply make your own detergent with basic ingredients that you will find in your household. This cleaning solution consists of mixing a light and gentle household detergent with water. Make sure you put this blend in a low-pressure sprayer.

Now we move on to the next phase: The actual cleaning process.
There’s two main areas in this unit where you need to clean: the air handles and the condenser coils:



  1. Make sure the unit is turned off.

  2. Access to power and water for the use of the coil cleaning system.

  3. Apply non-caustic, non-fuming coil-cleaning material.

  4. Avoid high-pressure cleaning that can damage fins.

  5. Flush the coils with water.


  1. Locate the air handler unit, and switch off the main power.

  2. Examine the external surfaces of the coil for dirt or dust. Also, be sure there are no signs of mold growing on the coil. If mold is there it is important to clean it using biocides approved for use in cooling systems.

  3. Spray cleaner on all exposed surfaces of the coil. 

  4. Pour some water down the condensate drain tube that leads away from the drain pan to verify that the tube is open and drains properly. During the process make sure the tubes are not blocked.

  5. Re-fix the coil access cover and tighten the screws then tape around the access cover with metal tape. 

  6. Restore the power to the air handler and turn on the system to generate condensation on the coils for additional rinsing.

However, if you had cleaned it and the AC is still not working as it should this could be due to the methodology and tools used by you. A professional is usually better equipped and has better expertise. Keep in mind that other issues can be the cause of a faulty ac like electrical wiring damages so you will probably be needing to do electrical maintenance

Benefits of coil cleaning services in dubai:


  Better Air quality

 Reduces allergies

 Improves airflow

 Improves cooling


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