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When should AC service be done?

AC repair and maitenance is a must get service in countries where the weather is particularly humid. Dubai is no exception. Ignoring tis type of service in dubai may cause serious health problems, especially if there is kids in the house. Investinf in ac repair and maintenance is as important as investing in a good quality HVAC unit.

When should AC repair be done?

Whatever AC brand your unit is from, you need to be getting notmal ac servicing at least once a year. However, since you are living in dubai, we recommend you get it checked at least twice to year. The idal time is actually 4 visits from your AC maintenance company in dubai.

Getting your maintenance services is not enough if you're not dealing with the best maintenance company in dubai. If you are dealing with people who do not know how to properly work or do not have the correct qualifications in the field, the n you are wasting your time, money and the future performance of your ac unit. There is risks in hiring an ungenuine service. You might get lucky if you only had problems with wasting time. However, hiring a fake insicere company could also lead to breakage of the ac compressor, electrical problems and much more. So instead of just worrying about a simple issue, you are now left with a bigger problem that require more budget and a potential electrical work services in dubai

Where to get genuine ac repair and maintenance services?

There are several factors you need to consider to know if the company you found is worthy to be contacted or not. The first factor being the presence in the market. How long has this company been in the market for? The longer the better actually. When a company has succeeded in staying for a good time in the same industry it means that this company has created a well known name with good reviews from clients. 

The second factor to consider is the type of ac repair services in dubai offered by that company. Is it a full service list of maintenance or it limited? Also, check if they offer an Annual Maintenance by checking their website for annual maintenance contract packages.

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Repairman doing air conditioner service

When should i consider hiring these services?

 It's still early now, however, we can notice that the days are already getting slightly warmer and the hot summer month are not very far away. We always advise our clients to think ahead and start booking an ac maintenance company in dubai and maintenance before summer actually starts.

Having your air conditioner checked in advance can save you from a lot of hassle later on. Firstly, you don't want to be stuck in the middle of summer with a faulty air-con system. The kind of heat we get in Dubai is unbearable and you simply cannot risk ending up in that situation.

Secondly, having an ac repair and maintenance in advance also prevents tiny problems such as leaks and other faults to escalate into other bigger and more expensive problems. Air conditioners can be quite complex sometimes because they have many factors which can deter their performance. 

✖️ Fault 1: Ignoring AC Duct Cleaning

The service of ac duct cleaning in dubai is often overlooked . However, it is very essential to get done at least twice a year. With air being blown in and out through the ducts constantly, a lot of dust, debris and contaminants gets accumulated in there. This can cause several issues to the air-con system itself and respiratory problems for some individuals.
This all can be easily avoided if you can just get the ac duct cleaned

A dirty and congested duct usually affects the overall air conditioner performance. The temperature will not be as it should be, and electricity bills will be higher as the AC will consume more energy trying to blow more air. 

✖️Fault 2: Ignoring Coil Cleaning

AC coil cleaning is a mandatory. In the UAE we are at risk of having regular issues with our AC units, due to the weather and the sand/ dust that blocks the flow of the air. Dirty coils can contribute to equipment breakdowns, increased energy consumption, and ultimately a shortened lifespan of your HVAC unit.

Infiway is one of the best maintenance company in dubai. That is because we have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who are able to tackle any issue regarding your air conditioner. 

Having an air conditioner working in optimal condition is a luxury you cannot afford to lose. Our technicians are highly trained to be able to repair and fix all air conditioner issues in one visit. This is convenient both for you and for us. We love to get our job done straight away and that is why our team travels in a van fully equipped with tools and parts. Infiway always strives to provide the best ac maintenance in Dubai 

Wherever you are in Dubai, we are able to assist you and offer you our services. Our offices are in Business Bay and we can easily serve customers around us and also those who are a bit further out. Getting in touch with us is very easy and fast. 

✖️ Fault 3: Thinking that maintenance is not necessary
Most people think that their AC does not require contunuous maintenance and checkups. They just decide to call a technician when they have a problem. The issue here is , with time, ignoring main components could lead to extreme damages and problems that can no longer be fixed which will require a new AC installation. This could be costly. This is why you can also consider signing up for an annual maintenance contract which according to the package you choose, you get regular ac check-ups along with electrical maintenance cause your AC will be needing one.

Repairman doing air conditioner service

Get in touch with us today for AC Repair and Maintenance  

You can just drop your details on the Contact Us page about ac maintenance 24/7 and our efficient customer care will get back to you in a short time to set up an appointment. Know more here about and get the best services for ac repair in Dubai

Need an ac repair and maintenance company?

Infiway is an AC maintenance company based in the UAE and offers its services to Dubai residents. Amongst the air conditioning services, Infiway also provides plumbing, electrical, painting, cleaning, and carpentry services. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your maintenance needs for your home, whether it is an apartment, townhouse, or villa. 

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