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by Sanjeev

Posted on 2022-07-19 16:43:08

Dubai's hot and humid climate has made AC an imperative aspect of every home, office, and commercial place. Like any other electrical device, AC has common issues and requires proper maintenance and repair.

Routine AC servicing that involves cleaning and washing air vents, replacing air filters, and replenishing with gas for proper cooling are straightforward jobs. The complicated portion is the duct cleaning or repair. This portion of the air-conditioning system requires expert handling and should not be done in a DIY manner. Hence, using the service of freelance AC technicians proves to be a wise decision. Because there are high chances that the AC system will get damaged if not professionally handled. 

Why should AC coil cleaning and duct cleaning services only be handled by experts?

AC coil cleaning is a critical part of the planned preventative maintenance program for any Ac Service in Dubai. Due to airflow constraints and limited heat transfer capabilities, neglecting maintenance can dramatically impair your coil's performance. 

Due to the weather and sand or dust that restricts air passage in arid locations like the UAE, air conditioners are in danger of malfunctioning frequently. Dirty coils can lead to equipment failure, greater energy usage, and a shorter AC unit lifespan.

Frequency of Coil servicing:

A coil cleaning program should be implemented and followed regularly to avoid coil degradation when the coils are new and clean. Installing easy-to-open panels to access the coils if they are not already present. It will make AC Maintenance Services in Dubai much easier.

On the other hand, it is complex to clean an AC duct oneself, even with a vacuum cleaner at one’s disposal. In Dubai, homes and offices have multiple air condition units, which makes it necessary to hire a professional AC company. The best option is to leave this complex job to a professional Ac Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai.  

Why regular servicing of AC is a must?

Air conditioners must be serviced regularly to get optimum performance throughout the year. Because the service prices are modest, it is preferable to use the AC duct cleaning services of reputable and experienced companies for full preventive inspection and maintenance by trained HVAC specialists. 

A professional AC company has the necessary licenses, expertise, and years of experience to effectively handle any repairs or maintenance associated with an air conditioning system, especially the fault is a major one that involves AC Duct and coils. 

When should one service the air ducts and coils?

The dust in the environment accumulates in the duct pipes. It causes a problem in air circulation in the room and prevents adequate cooling. Also, if residents complain of respiratory problems, headaches, or other discomforts, one needs to look at the AC ducts as a possible source. 

Advantages of hiring experts to fix major AC problems 

AC experts are trained technicians with a valid license to carry out the most complex Ac Repair and Maintenance. They are trained to work in an organized manner and can find out the root cause of the problem through initial inspection and suggest appropriate action.   

Professional AC repair companies have the tools and equipment to perform the air duct job clinically. Many experts have video cameras attached to the long duct cleaning hose to see the unreachable portions of the duct pipe on their monitor.    

They also ensure that dust and debris are cleared after the work is completed and check the AC for running condition before closing the service call. 


A professional air conditioning company like Infiway Contracting LLC provides An AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) that includes servicing and spare parts with a warranty. The expert service lasts the whole season and ensures authentic and original spare parts, which they procure directly from dealers and manufacturers.