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Posted on 2022-04-13 07:51:56
Why should I Hire a Home Maintenance Company in Dubai?
Why should I Hire a Home Maintenance Company in Dubai?
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Hiring a Home Maintenance Company in Dubai

Maintenance, renovations, and repairs are responsibilities of the owners and occupants and are thus essentially required by the law of the UAE. Apart from the financial aspect of keeping the property in shape, it is also necessary for the well-being and safety of occupants. 

So, residential property owners should ask themselves whether the property requires improvements or not? How does my building look from the inside and outside? Are the paints and plasters peeling off? Is the building developing cracks and in need of urgent repairs? Overall, is my property in shape? 

Why should i hire a maintenance company?

Service maintenance worker repairing

For Everyday and emergency work

Hiring professional cleaning services is recommended to handle the day-to-day cleaning of commercial and residential properties. Apart from this, any renovation and plumbing works are a standard requirement in any residential or commercial property. It is a specialized job that cannot be ensured by a layperson. Hence, it requires an experienced full-time service provider to provide professional plumbing services in Dubai.

A professional maintenance company will have experts in work ranging from painters, electricians, AC technicians, plumbers, carpenters, handymen, etc. They can survey the property, identify the problems and recommend appropriate solutions, including labor costs and the materials required for any repair or renovation job. The advantage of dealing with the best maintenance company in Dubai is that they have standard rates for various renovations and repair jobs. Also, because they manage multiple clients and deliver a high volume of repair works, the cost invariably is lower due to economies of scale. 

Another advantage is productivity which is extremely important for these maintenance companies who deal with multiple assignments every day. They have fixed time schedules for each repair or replacement work on the site. It means one can expect work to be done in a shorter time and with quality results. Each technician, worker, cleaner, and plumber must fill out their job sheet, time taken to complete the job, and whether the work was satisfactory to the client's liking or not. 

It is good to take an annual maintenance contract in Dubai  with customized packages for apartments, villas, and residential and commercial buildings. The AMC fixes the maintenance expense budget and ensures that the property owner can call for any job or emergency repairs. The property can often be saved from significant repairs if maintained regularly. 

Electrical Maintenance Service 

Man, an electrical technician working in a switchboard with fuses. installation and connection of electrical equipment.

It is common knowledge that most building fires break out because of electrical issues. Short circuits due to poor maintenance are the main reason for fires that can wreck a property. A maintenance company will provide electrical work services in the AMC package and ensure the property is protected from any electrical hazards. 

Only a certified electrician in Dubai can securely address all the electrical issues. An electrician will do the following:

  • Light installation and replacement.
  • Tripping issues and rectification.
  • All appliances are correctly wired and operating at the proper voltage.
  • Fiber optic networks installation and maintenance
  • Transit A/C and D/C power systems installation
  • Inspection and rewiring for fraying and damage to wires.
  • Appliance installation and dismantling

So, whether it is an electrical breakdown or a severe plumbing issue, one will require the immediate attention of specialists. And, who can do better than certified maintenance solution companies like Infiway Contracting LLC, which is well-known in Dubai for offering complete maintenance services. 

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