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by Sanjeev

Posted on 2022-08-25 01:38:52

Home and office maintenance are essential activities related to ensuring the safety and comfort of occupants. Residential property or commercial setups are the responsibility of the owner of the building premise. In contrast, the home's internal maintenance is the homeowner's responsibility. 

From the financial aspect, regular maintenance can help the owner or occupants save money on costly repairs, maintain the property and increase its resale value. 

What do Maintenance services include? 

Maintenance of property- internal and external involves repairing any damages to civil and electrical parts of the property. It consists of inspection and repair of damaged roofs and walls, paintings for the civil portion, and inspection and repair of electrical systems, including air-conditioning and heating units and other utility facilities.

Maintenance Services carried out by professional Maintenance and Repair Services Dubai includes

  • Emergency repairs
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Testing and operations of mechanical and electrical systems 
  • Periodic servicing

Home Maintenance Services in Dubai 

Maintenance services companies are incorporated for customers to make home and office maintenance simple and easy. It is generally seen during times of repairs that getting a quality handyman at a reasonable cost is difficult. Companies like Infiway Contracting provide maintenance services under one roof, including painting, cleaning, electrical, plumbing, and AC duct cleaning. 

Typically, a maintenance company offers comprehensive services under customized AMC plans. They include preventive maintenance services like painting or interiors, AC system periodic servicing, and other emergency repairs. With facilities like online services and other emergency 24X7 phone lines, customers can report any maintenance concerns at any time. 

Different types of Services - an overview 


Air conditioning systems are complex and expensive machines. They require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition and prolong their life span. The Middle East, including Dubai, is known for its hot and humid conditions. People in these locations use AC throughout the year. Therefore, AC servicing becomes mandatory at the start of each summer season. The most complex service requires the cleaning of air ducts. It is necessary for maintaining and improving indoor air quality. Maintenance companies can handle this job better as it involves expert AC technicians. 


It is common to come across a broken tap, leaking pipe, faulty toilet flush, and faulty water pressure in showers. The choice is to live with it or get it repaired. Getting it fixed requires trained hands who can do the job efficiently and quickly, saving the customers from spending their time and energy trying to fix the issues themselves. Maintenance Services in Dubai ensure experienced servicemen attend the calls at the promised time or during emergencies. 



Electrical breakdowns can disrupt life, especially in places like Dubai, where air conditioning is a must. Any electrical breakdown requires immediate attention. Considering the risky nature of the job, short circuits, and fuse damage, expert technicians best handle electrical work. 

The urgency of such jobs is best dealt with by professional maintenance services that offer a faster Turn Around Time (TAT). They can handle all types of electrical jobs such as commercial wiring, fixing switches and fuses, installing ACs and other electrical gadgets, and checking the overall safety of internal and external wiring of any property. 


Overhead water tanks get dirty over time due to dirt, dust, germs, and other pollutants. They need to be cleaned regularly. So, the tank remains clean, germ-free, and in hygienic condition all the time. Maintenance Company in Dubai uses a scientific process to clean serious waterborne microbes to supply clean water to households, corporate offices, and commercial properties. 

Advantages of hiring Professional Maintenance Services in Dubai   

Hiring a Maintenance services company helps one to outsource all handyman jobs to the experts. Experienced and well-established maintenance companies like Infiway Contracting LLC are experts in handling any maintenance issue. They have fixed rates for all types of job works except the spare parts and materials. They have a team of experts ranging from electricians, painters, AC technicians, carpenters, plumbers, and handyman.

Taking services from a full maintenance service company takes away the headache of management, pest controls, repairs, renovations, and fit-outs from the property owner. Moreover, it is cost-effective too.