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Posted on 2020-01-20 08:03:34

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance can be a headache, there is no point in having a good pool out the back if it’s full of sludge. Maintenance and cleaning the pool is a routine thing everyone has to do to keep the water safe for their family. Whether it’s cleaning the leaves debris to make sure the chlorine levels stable. There’s a lot of tools and products to keep the pool in perfect shape, and in order to do that, you have to make sure that you are choosing the best swimming pool companies in Dubai.

All pools require instant clean to remove the leaves and dirt and other dusty things that the pool collects. The kind of cleaner you need will depend on the following:
- The type of the pool, whether it’s in-ground or above ground.
- The size of the pool.
- The filtration system and plumbing.
- The amount and type of leaves it collects.

The cheapest way is to do it yourself by using Hand Vacuuming. The vacuum will be attached to the skimmer box to create suction and then you manually push the vacuum around the surface of the pool with a pole. It usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour and has to be done once a week.
Or you can employ a pool cleaner, which will make it easier for you since they’ve got all the professional tools to make sure the job is done perfectly. You can check out, they are the most professional team around Dubai, UAE.
Or You can buy a mechanical pool cleaner from Kreepy Krauly, which can be found in or

How Pool Chemicals are used by swimming pool companies in Dubai
All Pool requires regular sanitization, if not done on regular basis, then all pools will develop bacteria which can cause some serious health risks, from leaves to dust, to water top-ups, and even people cause bacteria to grow. All of these factors depend on the size of your pool to determine the level of sensitization needed for your pool.
You have to make sure your pool has enough chlorine, it can be done by hand, by adding some chlorine manually or regular basis. Or by installing a salt chlorinator, which produces chlorine gas, and they’re also softer for the skin and gentler for eyes. And the easiest way is to install a liquid chemical feeder, it adds chlorine automatically.

Always remember there should be a balance between the chemicals in your pool, the chemical balance should be the following (pH 68%, Total alkalinity 16%, calcium hardness 16%). The chlorine and pH should be monitored and checked once a week, or even every day if it’s used on a daily basis, but as for calcium hardness and alkalinity have been checked less often.
You will be able to find a lot of testing kits to test the levels of chlorine, pH and etc. Aqua provides all the testing kits.


Pool Heating

It always depends on which climate and weather you are in but living in cooler weather, hearing your pool will give you the opportunity to swim all around the year. And it also depends on how often you use the pool, but the most common pool temperature for a residential pool used leisure is between 26°C and 28°C.

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