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by Sanjeev

Posted on 2022-09-19 06:19:26

The most important place in one's life is the home. Everyone wants a beautiful home as it gives them a sense of identity and pride. The best way to transform one's house into a more attractive and comfortable place is to renovate it.

The first thing a visitor notices in a home are the walls. If they are well painted, they create a first-time positive impression. Good paint gives the impression of luxury to the home, never mind, even if the interior decoration is not so chic.  

House Painting is a specialist job. Though many homeowners would try the DIY method, the result is not always satisfactory. So, if one plans to paint their home, how does one ensure they get professional painters who can provide the Best House Painting Services in Dubai?

Here are some tips for hiring a Painting Service in Dubai

Determine one’s renovation needs

As a client, one should list out the renovation and painting job that is being carried out. This will help one know the scope of work to be carried out and leverage the homeowner to discuss and share the requirement with the Painting Services. By doing this exercise, one will know the precise budget estimate for the Painting project.

Do a reference check

One should get references to get recommend Painting Services in Dubai. It is better to go for companies known to the client's friends and acquaintances, as known contractors are better than unknown ones.

Knowing about the painting services' work procedure, quality, timely execution, and fees can help a client decide. Positive feedback will help to go ahead with the deal.   Another advantage is that the painting services will give the best service to a referred client to increase his customer base based on word-of-mouth publicity.

Experience counts

One should not give a major home painting project to a novice. Hire only experienced painters who have done similar projects before. This is important as the cost of a painting is high, and one should not take chances. For minor touch-ups, it is ok to hire less experienced contractors.

The reason why one must hire a professional painting service is that they will give all the details of the painting process. They will have the latest information on the wall painting color trends and which paint brands are the best. As experts, based on the layout of the customer's home, they will suggest the right color combinations and shades. They also have excellent product knowledge and know what type of paints will be required for areas like bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and house exteriors. If there are any problems with the wall surface, they will recommend necessary renovations for the best painting results.

Check reviews and testimonials

If one is unsure about the reference, another way is to check the company’s website. A large and professional Painting company will have a website. It will also have a feedback and client review section. Here one can find the customer's comments which will give an idea about the quality of service provided. One can get the hint if the negative reviews are more than positive ones.

Take   multiple quotes

 A leading painting service in Dubai will quote the project work aligned to market rates. They usually have fixed rates for each kind of job work. Still, it is standard to take a minimum of three quotes and compare the estimate. Ensure that the project work is identical in terms of specifications, materials offered and time taken to complete the job. This will help one to decide on the best offer.

Check services other than painting

Professional painters use the right painting tools to get the best results. A painting service will have all the tools and equipment with them, and as clients, one should not be bothered about arranging them. The best painters have the right paint brush, rollers, vacuum cleaners, and scaffoldings to carry out the work smoothly. They also cover the painting area adequately and ensure no damage to household stuff. As painting work takes several days, they are also responsible for cleaning the mess after the painting is completed.


Following the above steps will help one to quickly zero in on the best and most reliable home painting companies. One can check out the website of Infiway, a leading company for home renovation and painting services in Dubai with years of experience. The reviews on their website bear testimony to their quality work.