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AC service

If you are searching for an AC service in Dubai, you need to contact Infiway. The AC or HVAC system is an indispensable part of today’s world where every household or business owner needs one. If you’re from dubai. This item becomes a necessity to tolerate the heat. For the highest standards ac maintenance services in dubai, call Infiway.

Having an  ac service ready on dial is a top priority for the residents of Dubai. This is very crucial before the extreme heat in the summertime ( and we all know summer 2023 is not going to be any cooler ).


Our 2023 checklist for a smooth stay in Dubai during the heat:


🔖 Look for a maintenance company in dubai

🔖 Check if they offer ac servicing : This should include the following options: ac repair, ac coil cleaning and ac duct cleaning services in dubai

🔖 Ask if they have electrical work services in dubai : Sometimes your ac is subject to having electrical issues, so it is better to have an electrician as well 

🔖 Check is they are licenced

🔖 Make sure they have AC technicians to do the job

🔖 Ask them about the process and how they work

🔖 Make your booking

🔖 Enjoy the summer


Bonus 🔖: Ask the company if they offer an annual maintenance contract. This way you don’t have to freak out yearly to do the same process

Here if you want to know more about annual maintenance contract in dubai:

-AMC: All you need to know about annual maintenance contract
- How to make an AMC?



Our AC technicians at Infiway understand the disappointment and frustration of having a faulty ac in dubai. This means you are going to suffer from the extreme heat and humidity of dubai’s weather.

Central air conditioning systems and HVAC systems have many components (mechanical or electrical). A single problem with one of these components will stop the cooling of the room. A faulty ac in dubai is usually the result of wrong installation or time. With time, it means the neglect of regular maintenance and ac cleaning services which leads to the accumulation of dust and dirt in the filter. This leads to a blockage in the normal process of air circulation and slowly reduces the performance of the HVAC unit. 

Another reason why your AC might be slowing down is that it has been functioning for over ten years. It has become old and it probably needs replacement. For an ac to get to the replacement point,  the ac compressor must be worn out from excessive usage.  

The signs of an AC becoming faulty and that you need ac maintenance

  • Loud sounds

  • Dirt build up

  • Dust build up

  • Unusual noises upon startup

  • Loud fan noises 

  • Burning or chemical odors

  • Ice buildup

  • Water leakage

  • Warm air

  • Low cooling temperatures

  • Temperature does not watching the input temp on the ac thermostat

  • Short cycling

  • Won't turn on


Our team is an expert in the field of air conditioner maintenance. We have been servicing in dubai for over the past ten years - which is over a decade.

You have all the reasons to trust us: 

✔️Good Reputation   ✔️We are aCertified company   ✔️Qualified workers 
  ✔️ Expert in the field  ✔️Emergency services


AC Service in Dubai

The services offered by Infiway are one of the most reliable ones in the UAE. Infiway offers a full diagnostic for the air conditioning issues. Here is a glimpse of the activities we do: 

⚙️ac repair and maintenance
⚙️ Remove all the dirt and dust 
⚙️ Split AC fixing
⚙️ Checking the thermostat
⚙️ AC disinfection services
⚙️ An AMC for the AC
⚙️ AC installation
⚙️ Checking the health vitals of the HVAC system
⚙️ Diagnosis and reporting
⚙️ Drain lines condensation
⚙️ Check the electrical wiring


Infiway list of ac service


Some frequently asked questions- FAQ:


1- Why is my AC making a weird smell?

If you notice your AC is giving a bad smell in the room, this means that the ac coils components are dirty. The coils are responsible for removing the moisture from the atmosphere. With time, bacteria builds on these components. For this issue you need ac cleaning services.


2- Why is my AC leaking water?

If you notice that your ac is leaking or dripping water this is likely because the condensate pump has failed due to irregular routine servicing. The repair for this issue is easy and does not take much time


3- Why is my AC failing to cool?

If your AC is failing to cool, this is most likely due to blocked air filters or water strainers. Call your maintenance company to get it repaired


4- Why is my AC not performing well?

If you notice a drop in the performance of your air conditioner, then it is probably due to the lack of maintenance. There could be several reasons causing the low performance. The best solution is to call a HVAC technician for a check-up.


5- Why is my AC making so much noise?

If your AC is noisy and making weird or loud sounds, then it is caused by a deep problem. Most probably this is coming from the compressor. But it also can be coming from a defect of other components. When you are faced with such a problem, call a repair company immediately.


Who are We?

We have been providing our services for years and have gained a great reputation in the industry. Our service includes coil cleaning, duct cleaning and replacing AC compressors. Infiway also offers annual maintenance contracts to ensure your homes are properly maintained throughout the year.

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