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Infiway has an experience of 10 years in the industry of house and villa maintenance. Thanks to this experience we noticed the need for annual maintenance contracts to make our consumer;s life easier. Our team decided to carefully create AMCs also known as annual maintenance contracts: They are a set of maintenance services offered to the same customer that they can benefit from thought 365 days.

Each contract contains the list of services chosen and the members of the contract. This type of contract is really beneficial in different areas as you won't have to worry to find emergency services in case a sudden break in your home. 

At Infiway, we offer:

-apartment maintenance

-villa maintenance

-building maintenance


What is Villa Maintenance?

Villa maintenance is all types of maintenance and repair services dubai for villa housing options. The services include regular check-ups as and monitoring. This helps keep your villa in a goos state and prevents any costly damage. Villa owners like this serice provided by us as it allows them to stay relaxed and ensure the upkeep of their villa. Another benefit of villa maintenance is that when done regularly and on a yearly basis, this could help you maintain if not enhance the price value of it. 

What are the Infiway Villa Maintenance Services that can be provided by Infiway?

-Elecrical maintenance
-AC maitenance 
-Ac repair for any faulty ac dubai area you might be dealing with
-AC coil cleaning
-AC duct cleaning services in dubai
-Cleaning and disenfection services
-Pest control
-Pool maintenance
-Plumbing repair services in dubai: this include water failure, breakage or flooding


Why Infiway is the best choice for Villa Maintenance Services?

-Comprehensive solutions
-Certified workers
- Affordable prices
-Reliable services

We offer emergency services on all villa and annual maintenance packages with 24/7 services. We take care of evertthing from start till finish. All our team undertakes professional training and is an expert in the field. We have a specialized and technicians for each service

What is an apartment Maintenance?

We offer also AMC packages for apartments. These include the same services as villa maintenance. The only difference is that you, as a consumer own an apartment and not a villa. With owning an apartment you have less square meter and less items at risk to being potentially broken. So we think it's better to offer you packages that are more suited to your housing type.

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