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  • Schedule confirmation subject to availability for Disinfection & Sanitization Services in Dubai? We are pleased to announce that Infiway Contracting LLC is now Approved by Dubai Municipality to carry on the disinfection/ sanitization of all properties against Corona Virus in addition to other viruses and bacteria. Cleaning Services in Dubai made easy with Infiway team of experts.

Method Statement

1. Site Arrival:

a. Our supervisor will report to reception or to an authorized manager or their representative.

b. Our representatives will inform the relevant Managers/supervisors of the site areas, which we intend to visit, in order that we may be contacted in an emergency.

c. Our representatives will take note and comply with safety signs, safety instructions and rules for contractors working on site and those to maintain and protect relevant hygiene and food safety.

2. Service Methodology for Cleaning

a. Chemical to be used: BUDENAT ALKASEPT-D445

b. Scope of Work

The areas to be sanitized & dis-infected will involve access to and work at ground level “upwards”. In addition to the special consideration warranted in this respect, attention will be given to the sensitive equipment’s, items, fixtures in the area to avoid any damages. All areas susceptible to human touch will be treated, this includes but not limited to chairs, tables, furniture, door handles, washrooms, etc.

The biocide will be applied to surfaces using following equipment’s

  • Handheld Manual Sprayer
  • Misting Machine (ULV Cold Fogging)
  • Sprayer Machine with 20 ltr tank

    c.Health & Safety

The following points are applicable to all operatives whilst on site to undertake cleaning operations:

  1. Only trained and competent employees of Killgerm will undertake work.
  2. All personnel undertaking sanitization & dis-infection operations will be deemed fit to do so. On a day to day basis it will be the duty of the team supervisors to ascertain the ‘fitness’ of the individual members of his working team.
  3. Before any works are undertaken above Ground Level, an exclusion zone will be set up around the area of work. This will include all relevant signage, tape and if application a ‘grounds person’. The exclusion zone is particularly important in areas, which allow public access.
  4. Whilst work is in progress the operatives will work in pairs (this is only applicable above Ground Level) and always stay in direct contact with each other either by visual or verbal communication.

    d. Site Departure

Our technician/representative will report to reception or to an authorized manager or their representative. Our representatives will also report to heads of departments, which were visited.

           e. Emergency Procedures

These includes:

The availability of Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals/disinfectants used on site.



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