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Electrician Near Me in Dubai

Do you need Electrical Maintenance in Dubai? We are always here to help you in all situations.

Electrical faults in the UAE are constantly on the rise. This can happen due to several internal and external factors. Internal factors include electrical installation defects or property maintenance issues such as water leaks, plumbing issues, pest damage, old appliances, appliances with different voltage limits, or you have previously dealt with unprofessionals that installed your electrical systems.

External factors can include the extreme heat in the summer which can cause overheating of your HVAC unit and other appliances or the excessive rain falls during the winter times which both can affect your electrical systems at home. 

In fact, pests can cause some of the most common home electrical damage such as tripped breakers, short circuits  and electrical outages around the house. Sand is also a big issue here in the UAE for electrical maintenance because abrasive particles (like sand) can wear down the components or wiring and interfere with electrical currents. 

Once you have realized or identified that you have an electrical issue at home or at your property, then the next step is to find a reliable company that will identify right away what needs to be done. Searching on Google for Electrical Maintenance Dubai can confuse you because you will not know which company to choose from. 

You are looking for professional electricians who are able to come around, fix what needs to be fixed, assess your property or your home for secondary faults and defects and provide recommendations on how to avoid future mishaps. 

At Infiway we have a simple 3 step process where it takes just one call to fix it all. Our team will get back to you shortly after you submit a booking request to schedule an appointment. Before you know it, our professional team of electricians will show up at your door, all equipped with tools to fix your electrical problem. Our motto is that we strive to get things done in just one visit. 

How to know you need professional electrical help?

It is important to know the signs that you need to get a professional electrician company to assess your home. Some signs may be already present but if you don't know what to look out for, then you will not be able to tell you have a fault. 

Signs your home needs electrical repairs:

  • Frequent switchboard tripping

  • Flickering lights & light bulbs

  • Heavy use of extension cords

  • Discolored (usually yellowish, brownish, or blackish) outlets

  • Burning smell

However, keep in mind that you can’t hire anyone for this job. You need qualified electricians that have a deep understanding of electrical wiring. Expert electricians usually have at least three or four years of experience. They have a licence so don’t be afraid to ask about it
What are the other qualities to look for at for the best electrical services in dubai
Not all electricians are the same. All electrical work should be done by a qualified electrician.

What are the qualities of a qualified electrician? 

  • At least 2-3 years of experience doing electrician services

  • Is knowledgeable and is up to date on Dubai’s s electrical code

  • Have a history of good reviews and reputation

  • Easy to contact in case of emergency

  • Not afraid to show hsi permits or talk about his previous work

  • Gives you detailed information about what was wrong and how the issue is fixed

Electrical maintenance Dubai - Infiway - You have come to the right place. Book your electrical work service today, and receive instant help. Providing professional services at competitive prices in the region. Make sure you get your home checked every now and then to prevent any major tripping and power leak, which will result in higher DEWA bills and more consumption. It Takes On Call To Fix IT All.

Electrical Services That We Provide:

  • Light replacement and installation.

  • Tripping issues and rectification.

  • Splicing and diagnostic testing of high-voltage cable

  • DM maintenance.

  • Fiber optic networks installation and maintenance

  • Transit A/C & D/C power systems installation

  • Appliance installation and dismantling

  • Rewiring

Our pricing:
We are commited to you. We are commited on giving you the best quality electrician services at the best prices, We give you all the cost of he services beforehand and there is no hidden fees. The amount communicated to you by our experts will be the same one you are paying.
We charge based on an hourly rate.In case of additional charges depending on the type of service, the team will mention it to you in details.

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