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Painting services in Dubai:

We are Infiway, a maintenance company located in dubai offering painting services. We offer wall painting services for all kinds of projects and housing options:
-Apartment painting services in dubai
-House painting services in dubai
-Store painting services in dubai

With us, you’ll only find the best results whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom you’re repainting. The team at Infiway offer the best of the best tools,work ethics and experience in the field. We make sure everything suits your needs and the results we offer are long lasting and efficient.

paintting services available in dubai

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We at Infiway, care about your home. With us you will be satisfied with the end results of your house renovation. We also offer other maintenance services that can be beneficial to you:
- AC maintenance- this includes several services

  • Ac repair

  • Ac coil cleaning

  • Ac duct cleaning in dubai

-Electrical maintenance
-Plumbing repair services in dubai
-carpentry handyman services in dubai
-handyman services in dubai


We have been in the market for more than 10 years. All our previous work was highly rated by our clients. We are always looking to give our clients the best experience with us. Hassle free and professional painting services is what we offer. Our focus is on you and your needs. Our specialized painters will sit down with you for a consultation to discuss the end results and the color palette ideas you have in mind.

We take care of everything from A to Z.

We will save you the hassle of going around Dubai to get your supplies. Also, we proudly ensure an excellent finish. All it takes is just a call or a booking request and we will get back to you and schedule an appointment. You don't have to worry about damages or cleaning the mess afterwards.


Infiway workers are very focused on service time delivery. We are aware that every service must be done precisely on time in dubai. We understand you have  a tight schedule and we respect your time


Our professional painting services in Dubai saves your time and money. It is true we offer the best quality work but this does not mean it will be an expensive service. Our price list is well thought of and is considered the best in the market currently. Contact us now to hire an experienced painter in dubai. 


Infiway has professional workers with their first idea in mind is to deliver quality services. We strive for high quality painting for houses, villas and stores. Whether the project is big or small, you will always be getting the best end result.

Looking for the best painting Services in Dubai?

Painting your house is usually preferred every three to ten years. As a matter of fact, time depends on the type of paint used, the color and the wall surface type. Updating the paint on your home walls will instantly give a fresh new look and feel to your home. You can lighten up dull corners and add more personality to your home. Also, a simple coat of fresh paint can create a cozy vibe.

You may want to attempt to paint the walls yourself, but we recommend you don't. If you think it will save you a few dirhams, it also won't. This is because you will have to buy all the equipment required. Tools such as paint brushes, paint trays and rollers, plastic cover, paint remover and so much more. Besides, you may not even have enough space to store all this equipment after use. As a matter of fact , you will most probably never use these items again anyways. Self House painting can be a headache.

You already have a busy lifestyle, working long hours every day. Be it at your professional job or doing housework. The last thing you need is to paint your walls !

Or, If you are selling or renting out your property, then you need a professional painting service. Professional painting services in dubai offer a selection of services and packages. Packaged include painting work for houses, villas, or commercial buildings.

Obviously, the pricing depends on the type of your painting project.

A painting project includes:

- the package you requested from the painting contractors

-The number of rooms in your house/villa that need to be re-painted

- The hourly rate of the expert painters in dubai. For this factor, if you opt for a package the pricing will be less if you have a lot of rooms.

-The painting company's price list. Every Painting company in dubai offers a different price points. This does not mean that the cheapest one is bad and the highest one is the best. You can find high quality work at a low cost. This all depends on the company you choose though. So be careful on your selection process


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 Painting consultation

We understand that our customers sometimes get lost in the process. They will get confused about which colors/ textures to choose. This is why we offer painting consultations. Once you have scheduled your appointment we explain to you the steps we’re going to do. We explain in details the stripping methods that’s going to be used on your walls and which colors suit your house.

We also will help you with understanding which is the right color palette for you. House or business painting can be daunting in that sense.

We offer highly skilled staff that understand time management concept. We make sure to get our job done within the timeframe dis cussed with you!

We offer Exterior Wall paintings also!

Painting is not only for interior walls. It is also a hugely important factor for exterior walls. The climate in Dubai can be harsh. From the scorching summer heat rising close or above 50°C to the cloud-seeding floods in the winter. Our homes need to be protected from the outside to withstand these elements.

If you are looking for the best handyman fixtures services in dubai then check Infiway. Infiway is a home maintenance services in dubai. They offer many options including a house painting service.

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